Sample Course Schedules

At Tilden, full-time students generally come either Monday through Thursday or Monday through Friday. They can arrange a block schedule where they take some classes two days a week and some classes three days a week, or arrange a schedule where they take classes five days a week until they’re completed, then take the next group of classes. Students are welcome to start at any time of the day, but most students start at either 8:00 am, 9:00 am, or 10:00 am. Students generally combine academic classes with group elective classes and/or study halls, but students are welcome to just take academic classes if they wish. Below are some examples of schedules for full-time students:

Example Schedules

“Each class is one-on-one, so students go at their own pace -- that's the ULTIMATE in support! My son was in 7th grade and recovering from an illness (in fact, I credit Tilden Prep not only in catching him up an entire academic year in 4 months, but also with decreasing the stress level so that he was able to fully recover).”
Tilden Parent