Mission and Philosophy

Our Mission Statement: The mission of Tilden Preparatory School is to provide an engaging, accommodating and individualized learning environment in which students gain confidence in themselves as learners, face challenges, and achieve successes while mastering college preparatory course content.

Schoolwide Learner Outcomes

Upon completion of coursework at Tilden, students will be:

  • Academic achievers who:
    • Are well prepared to continue their education and achieve post-secondary goals
    • Enjoy success in school and produce quality work to their full potential
    • Use written and oral feedback to assess and improve progress
    • Feel confident about themselves as learners
  • Effective communicators who:
    • Write and speak clearly
    • Are able to listen effectively and read with comprehension
    • Articulate their needs in a responsible and respectful manner
  • Competent users of technology who:
    • Use the Internet effectively for research and further exploration
    • Use technology to demonstrate what they have learned
  • Self-directed learners who:
    • Set and work towards personal goals
    • Are aware of learning strategies that work best for them
    • Identify when they need assistance and request help in an appropriate manner
  • Responsible members of the community who:
    • Demonstrate consideration and respect for others
    • Engage and participate in their classes to enrich their learning

Academic self-worth is the basis of Tilden's program, and we consider this in all decisions made throughout the program.

“They say teaching is a noble profession and good teachers are invaluable in inspiring children that are our future. Tilden provides an invaluable service in our educational system for kids who need individualized attention.”
Tilden Parent