Student Life

At Tilden, we individualize our approach to students' needs outside of the classroom as much as in the classroom.

We foster an inclusive community, and most students find that they easily meet other students and develop friendships. However, if this is a more difficult area for a student, we make sure that student gets the support she or he needs to feel successful socially as well as academically.

Tilden has a range of organized social activities, including monthly all-school events (such as free pizza lunches, movies nights, etc.), community service activities, and a variety of clubs that students can join and that meet weekly. Students can also take leadership by starting their own club or school activity, and we will provide support in a variety of ways to support their endeavor. In addition, all students have the same lunch period and passing periods between classes, so there are many opportunities to spend informal time with other students in our student lounge or passing in the halls. More information about Tilden's student life, as well as its principles, policies, and procedures can be found in its student-parent handbook:

Student-Parent Handbook

“Our son has attended Tilden since 7th grade and is now graduating! Throughout his time, the administration has been supportive and accommodating of his individual needs. The standard of teaching has been consistently high and our son has appreciated the chance to discuss and delve into topics he’s curious about. With the added benefit of being a part of smaller social and academic groups, the whole education has been a rich experience.”

Tilden Parent