High School Summer Classes

We are one of the few schools in the San Francisco Bay Area that offers a full curriculum of academic high school courses during the summer (pending instructor availability).

  • It is always the best policy to have open communication with your school counselor before taking any courses outside of your regular, full-time school.

“I highly recommend Tilden... Our son completed his AP Chemistry class there during the summer - a very challenging course - and had a great experience. He is now finishing his senior year and has been accepted to the four colleges he has applied to”

Tilden Parent
Tilden has over 140 classes for credit, so your student can recover failed credits, fill learning loss gaps and learn how they learn best in order to succeed in future courses.
Advance your learning this summer with over 140 courses for credit to choose from, taught one-to-one so you can go as quickly and in depth as you want.  27 Honors and 33 AP courses are offered along with all regular high school courses.
Build Study Skills
Whether you're taking a course for credit or tutoring to learn study skills, you will learn how you learn best in order to maximize your success in future classes.
Executive Function Course / Learning Loss

For many students that have learning differences such as ADHD, Dyslexia, and other learning disabilities, executive functioning challenges are commonplace and can be challenging for students and their families alike who support them. Students with these challenges often need to build their tool box to gain such skills during the middle and high school years when the adolescent brain is still rapidly developing. In the scope of the Executive Functioning Skill Development class, students will work one-on-one with an instructor to learn the tricks and trades of planning, organizational skills, working memory, flexible problem solving, mindful decision-making, and adaptability.

What Makes Tilden Prep Special?

Tilden Prep is a small private school with a high degree of attention from experienced staff who know how to maximize your student's success.  Success to us means that your student will be able to go on to the next level of school or college and succeed in those classes, not just Tilden's classes.  Success also means hat your student builds confidence and self-esteem along with study skills and learning how they learn best. And we teach courses for credit at a lower class rate than any comparable one-to-one private program in the Bay Area.  If you want your student to have a solid foundation for succeeding in future academic settings and reengagement with a love of learning, Tilden offers an unparalleled opportunity all year round, in person and online.
We Are Here to Help!
Call us at the campus nearest you (Albany or Walnut Creek) for a free consultation with our Heads of School to see how we can best meet your student's needs.76