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Since all academic coursework is individualized, you can enroll any time during the year. We will assess your needs and make recommendations about how to make the best use of our services. To start the enrollment process, call 510-525-5506 for the Albany Campus or 925-933-5506 for the Walnut Creek Campus.

“Tilden rebuilt my son's confidence that he lost at the public school he previously attended. The staff and teachers are terrific and very professional... I truly appreciated all their support and guidance as we were going through the college application process. My son was accepted at most of the colleges he applied (to)... mostly due to Tilden.”

Tilden Parent


Please click here to watch a video tutorial on the registration process.

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“The two directors of Tilden Prep have wonderful credentials, and it shows. They far exceed what I saw at most of the 20+ other schools I visited. They are a delight to work with.”

Tilden Parent