College Prep

We offer a competitive college preparatory, honors, and AP curriculum. Our UC approved courses exceed California education standards and college entrance requirements. Our graduates are often admitted to UC and CSU programs as well as private colleges throughout the United States.

Beyond mastering the material, our students learn how to learn. Our teachers nurture the development of executive functioning and study skills, and encourage the self-directed learning that will carry a student through college.

We’re happy to meet with you to discuss your college options. We can inform you of the different requirements for eligibility to UC/CSU and private colleges, and will provide letters of recommendation.

College Advising

How Tilden Preparatory School Assists in the College Admission Process:

  • Assures accuracy of high school transcripts
  • Alerts students to college entrance exam dates and scholarship offerings
  • Offers courses in SAT I, SAT II, and PSAT preparation
  • Administers the PSAT to 10th and 11th graders
  • Administers proctored SAT practice tests
  • Informs students and parents of college representative visits and local college fairs
  • Provides letters of recommendation
  • Submits transcripts, School Reports, and Mid-Year Reports
  • Provides comments on students’ personal statements
  • Provides students and families with the student’s online course summary, which shows the courses a student must complete by the end of fall and spring semesters in order to remain eligible for college admission
  • Provides outside referrals to college counselors

Additional Information and Resources

Preparation for College Visit

College Entrance Requirements

College Essays

College Planning Timeline

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“My son is exceptionally gifted and was very unhappy in the 'cookie-cutter' public school. He was miserable so we enrolled him in Tilden and he is a totally different person. He is happy as a clam, loves his school, loves learning, and is eager to prepare for college.”
Tilden Parent