Educational Technology

At Tilden we recognize that technology is an integral part of life, and we can actively incorporate technology into our teaching due to the flexibility of 1-1 teaching.

Technology helps us make our courses more fun and interesting while also teaching students how to utilize technology in our increasingly technologically-based society.

Every teacher is supplied with a computer and teachers share resources they find from education websites, Youtube, software programs etc. Incorporating technology into our classes in an innovative way is an ongoing process, and every week teachers find something in the tech realm that works with a particular student and then they spread the word.

Technology for Learning Differences

We utilize assistive technology for learning differences, such as Kurzweil, Inspiration, and Draft Builder which are all programs that help students with reading and writing skills. We incorporate student friendly programs that help students with organizational strategies, such as Quizlet, Desmos, online notecards, power points with an audio add on to help study for exams, Vocab Videos etc.

Online Progress Reporting System

Our online progress reporting system provides parents and students with daily updates of assignments and student progress in their course(s).

“As a parent, I really enjoyed the electronic reporting system - each day I got a little three-sentence writeup of how each day's classes had gone. If she had two classes and a study hall, I'd get a writeup from each class and a writeup from the study hall. It also really lessened the burden on me, because I knew I'd get a phone call or an email from a teacher if something really was up.”
Tilden Parent