Student Clubs: Fostering Engagement and Enrichment

        At Tilden Preparatory School, we foster a vibrant and inclusive student club culture that enhances the overall student experience. Our diverse range of student clubs offers opportunities for students to pursue their passions, develop leadership skills, and engage with like-minded peers who share similar interests.

Participating in student clubs is an excellent way for students to explore their hobbies, interests, and talents outside of the traditional classroom setting. We offer a variety of clubs that cover a wide range of areas, including arts, sports, STEM, community service, cultural appreciation, and more. Whether students are interested in joining a debate team, robotics club, social justice club, or games club they will find a supportive and enthusiastic community to be part of.


Student clubs at Tilden Preparatory School provide a platform for students to develop and showcase their leadership abilities. Many of our clubs are student-led, allowing students to take charge of organizing events, managing projects, and fostering a sense of community within their club. These leadership opportunities promote valuable skills such as teamwork, communication, organization, and problem-solving, which are essential for success in both academic and professional settings.

Engagement in student clubs not only offers personal enrichment but also creates opportunities for students to connect with like-minded peers who share similar interests. Club activities provide a sense of belonging, friendship, and camaraderie, fostering a supportive and inclusive community within the school.

Tilden Preparatory School values the holistic development of students, and our student clubs contribute to a well-rounded student life experience. Through participation in clubs, students can develop a sense of purpose, discover new passions, enhance their skills, and create lasting memories and friendships.

Some examples of students clubs:

  • Philosophy
  • Leadership
  • Social Justice
  • Coding
  • Robotics
  • Games
  • Fantasy Sports
  • Film
  • Magic
  • Dungeons & Dragons
  • Pokemon
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Mad Science
  • Asian Culture
  • Polite Conversation
“I always wanted our daughter to have a fun high school experience. Writing this review, I have tears in my eyes, because she is having a blast at Tilden AND she is getting the A's that she requires.”
Tilden Parent