High School Part Time Program

Our part-time program is for students who wish to take one or more courses with us while remaining enrolled at their current high school or homeschool.

Tilden has a wide range of courses and provides an opportunity to take classes with additional support to build up skills and/or to excel beyond grade level expectations.

For courses that are required for high school graduation, students will need permission from their high school to take the course at Tilden. If you choose this option, we will provide you with a Concurrent Enrollment form to have signed by your school counselor or administrator. We work closely with local private and public school administrators who know our reputation and our curriculum. We are always available to assist with paperwork if necessary.

For courses that are not required for high school graduation, your student does not need permission from his/her high school to take the course at Tilden. Feel free to call us to find out which courses are required for high school graduation.

“I really believe Tilden made a huge positive difference in my son's life....including the family. When we came to the school, we were under a lot of stress, the last year has given us our lives back. Thank you."”

Tilden Parent