Students We Serve


Tilden Prep serves a wide range of students with a large variety of reasons for choosing our one-to-one mastery learning approach over a traditional classroom setting.

Some students may have fallen behind academically and are worried about their standing, creating feelings of stress and pressure to perform. Other students feel overwhelmed by the social demands of a larger school or classroom setting. Some students are bored in school and need a more challenging, individualized curriculum, or need the combination of more challenge in areas where they excel, combined with more support in areas where they struggle. Some students need a customized schedule to accommodate other pursuits. And some need a nurturing environment where stress and anxiety are reduced and support is provided academically and/or socially/emotionally. Tilden's one-to-one model, combined with highly experienced administrative staff and teachers who connect well with teens and love the subjects they teach, allows each student to gain the skills, confidence and perseverance they need to succeed. See below for more information about some of the areas we serve:

Students with Learning Differences
Some students who come to Tilden have a learning difference or diagnosed learning disability.  During our initial intake process, Tilden's Special Education Director, Dr. Hawley, speaks with parents/guardians about their student’s existing IEP or 504 plan to gain a full understanding of  the services that each student has received up to the point of intake. If the student does not have an IEP or 504 plan in place but has an independent neuropsychological evaluation, this is also discussed at length during the initial intake consultation.
Exceptionally Gifted Students/Students Who Want Academic Rigor

Many of our students come to Tilden who are exceptionally gifted and are ready to take a rigorous course load beyond their chronological age. At Tilden, middle school students take high school level courses inclusive of Advanced Placement courses.  High School students have the opportunity to take  a full load of upper level courses inclusive of college  courses in partnership with U.C. Berkeley, local community colleges, and online universities.

We address the needs of our students through Tilden’s individualized approach to learning. This allows us to meet students where they are while taking into account their strengths and challenges for intervention and advancement purposes.

Teachers work extensively with the Heads of School and the Special Education Director to ensure that all accommodations and recommendations from specialists are in place. Ongoing communication occurs throughout the year by parent/guardian request or teacher observations about the student’s progress and support needs.

If parents/guardians request support at annual, tri-annual, or emergency IEP meetings the Special Education Director will meet with the parents prior to the scheduled IEP to discuss the goals for the meeting. At the meeting the Special Education Director will share information from Tilden’s progress reporting system and teacher/Head of School feedback.

Student Who Experienced Learning Loss due to the Pandemic
The learning loss that so many students experienced this past year has directly fueled anxiety and depression for so many teens.  Developmentally, teens are sensitive to failure whether it is real or perceived.  These real or perceived fears often result in mood changes, poor performance in school, or refusal to attend school.  Tilden is the right fit for these teens.
We take students where they are, they are not compared to anyone else since we teach 1-to-1.  Teachers are engaging and supportive and serve as role models/mentors.  Students get relief from the "compare and despair" feelings they have in classroom settings. Tilden can support students who have experienced specific gaps in learning, and also provide the social support needed to help students work through their anxiety and readjust to in-person learning. They dig out from the learning loss deep hole as their skills build quickly since 1-to-1 teaching is the quickest way to get caught up and excel academically.  With academic strengthening, confidence always strengthens in tandem.  We have heard from so many students and parents that our warm, capable, and supportive teachers have buoyed up their kids this year and they don't know where they would be without Tilden.  We are uniquely positioned to provide this type of support.
Twice Exceptional  Students also known as 2E Students

Tilden has vast experience working with students who are twice exceptional. Students who are academically advanced beyond their chronological age but at times need support with social emotional integration with peers are supported at great length. Our mastery learning model within a small campus environment allows us to create an accelerated program for 2E students, while providing the social and emotional support needed for life-long success in the academic and social aspects of life.

Students in Transition

Tilden operates on a rolling admissions process. This is paramount for students who  may be in transition from another school setting, wilderness program or residential treatment program at different points during the academic school year. We work closely with a student’s family and the school program from  which they are transitioning to ensure a secure academic and social emotional transition and experience.

Students Wanting a Small and One-on-One Learning Experience

Not all students thrive in traditional public and private schools. Some need a smaller environment that is individualized to their unique academic needs and social emotional needs. Tilden offers this through our one-on-one instructional model.

“Tilden's administration and teachers are completely devoted to ensuring that their students learn the material in an engaging way - the one-on-one structure guarantees that students can remain focused on their work. It also helped him learn to be self-motivated, which has benefitted him in college. Thanks to Tilden, my son is now a freshman at his number one college choice and is having a fantastic year.”
Tilden Parent