Stay Updated with Tilden Preparatory School's Engaging Educational Events

At Tilden Preparatory School, we believe in providing students with enriching educational experiences beyond the classroom. Our academic events calendars offer a centralized hub for staying informed about upcoming volunteer and community service opportunities, heritage and history month celebrations, field trips, parent workshops, guest lectures, competitions, and more. By actively participating in these events, students can broaden their knowledge, explore new subjects, and connect with experts in various fields.

1: Diverse Range of Educational Events

Our academic events calendars feature a diverse range of educational events designed to cater to the interests and learning needs of our students. From  to college application seminars, cultural celebrations, and STEM clubsompetitions, there is something for everyone. These events foster intellectual curiosity, promote interdisciplinary learning, and encourage students to expand their horizons.

2: Engage with Experts and Peers

Our educational events provide opportunities for students to engage with experts and peers in their respective fields. Guest lectures by renowned professionals, panel discussions, and networking events create a platform for meaningful conversations and knowledge exchange. These interactions not only inspire students but also help them gain valuable insights and perspectives beyond their classroom experiences.

3: Plan Your Schedule with our Calendars

Our academic events calendars are designed to help students plan their schedules and make the most of the available opportunities. The calendars provide dates, times, and event descriptions, allowing students to select and prioritize the events that align with their interests and goals. By actively participating in these events, students can enhance their educational journey and make lasting connections.

4: Stay Connected and Inspired

By regularly checking our academic events calendars, students can stay connected and inspired throughout the academic year. They can stay informed about upcoming events, mark their calendars, and ensure they don't miss out on any enriching opportunities. Our goal is to foster a vibrant learning community where students are continuously inspired and motivated to explore their passions.

“Three years later, my kid is headed for public 9th grade, confident about her skills as a student. She's still a little worried about her English classes, but over the summer (unknown to me) emailed all 3 of the English teachers, asked for the reading list ahead of time so she could get a jump on the year's reading. This confidence and self-advocacy is directly from Tilden.”
Tilden Parent