Middle School Full-Time Program

Middle School students who enroll full-time at Tilden Preparatory School receive their core academic instruction in one-on-one classes utilizing the Mastery Learning model.

There are ample opportunities to take part in elective classes in small groups with their middle school cohort.

During lunch time, middle school students have the opportunity to eat lunch together and take part in social clubs that developmentally meet the  interests of the middle school age group. Clubs are facilitated by faculty members for mentoring purposes and to provide social support for those who may need it.

“I can’t thank you enough for everything that you have done for Toby. You gave him the softest of landings at Tilden, and I know that means a lot to him. It was definitely a relief for me and Lysa to know that the school always had his back, no matter what.”
Michael Bazeley, Tilden Parent