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We offer a life-changing educational opportunity with our 1-to-1 teaching.


Build Skills, Get Ahead, and Remediate with Tilden this Summer

We're Here For Every Student With Our Unique 1-to-1 Mastery Learning Approach. Offering In-Person, Remote, and Hybrid Programs.

1 – 1 Mastery Learning

We offer full-time, part-time and summer classes for middle and high school students (Grades 6 – 12) as well as private tutoring and test prep services.

Who We Serve

Tilden's private school, personalized model achieves success with a large range of students, from those with learning loss who have fallen behind and need to build their skills, confidence, and readiness for college – to those who want a more challenging and engaging curriculum.

Students We Serve

The Tilden Difference

More About Tilden

Welcome to Tilden Prep!

Tilden Preparatory School is a unique, WASC-accredited, college preparatory school for grades 6-12 that teaches UC-approved courses one-to-one and in small groups. We also use mastery learning, teaching students to 80% (B) or higher level of mastery before moving forward. This allows us to individualize the pace and teaching method to address a wide range of learning needs. From highly gifted students who find a regular classroom setting too limiting to students with learning differences who need a specialized teaching approach to shine academically, we are working with students to maximize both their learning and their self-confidence.

  • Our graduates are accepted at colleges throughout the country (see our College Acceptances list), and the vast majority are able to maintain their ability to reach 80% or higher mastery in their college classes.
  • We offer full-time enrollment, individual courses, and tutoring services.

Information for Prospective Families

“I love working with Tilden students because they range from A - Z in terms of types and backgrounds. They all experience success academically, and that turns them into confident and happy individuals.”
Jan Russell, College Counselor

We know how to help students succeed

Our Co-Chairs each have over 30 years of experience helping students reach their goals in all areas of life. Our teachers have a passion for the subjects they teach, are gifted in their ability to connect well with teens and are trained to teach students with a range of learning styles and capabilities.

Together, we help students build confidence in their abilities and themselves. Our Heads of School are happy to provide a free initial consultation to help determine your student's unique learning needs, and they continue to collaborate with the teachers to ensure each student's success.

Life at Tilden


My son is thriving at Tilden Preparatory School, which should be on your short list. Some kids simply need one-on-one instruction to learn, and Tilden has the process to successfully do this. Unlike some of the ASD-specific schools, Tilden has the academic curriculum both for the students who are struggling or are looking for something far more challenging than public schools.

Tilden Parent