Middle School Group Classes

We offer group academic classes by parent request consisting of of two or three middle school students. We match students who have similar learning styles so we can ensure that the course stays on pace and that each student in the cohort receives the individualized attention to meet their academic needs.

Tilden also offers small group elective classes at a reduced cost to all full-time middle school students in order to give them an opportunity to collaborate with their peers in a fun, relaxing setting.  Classes such as Drawing & Painting and Introduction to Photography are regularly scheduled, and additional classes can be arranged in response to student interest.


My son has blossomed at Tilden. He has developed a love of learning, his self-confidence has increased, he likes to discuss his school work with me (a first for him), he has loved his Tilden teachers, especially one of them (Hi, KW!) who I view as a teaching genius.

Tilden Parent