Middle School & High School Academics

Our student body, Grades 6-12, encompasses a diverse range of academic, social, ethnic and cultural backgrounds, and students attend Tilden Preparatory School for equally diverse purposes.

High School

Tilden’s High School offers a unique opportunity for students to engage in a reciprocal learning experience with their instructors. Many students who come to Tilden have had a difficult academic and/or social experience at their previous public or private school, and have lost their love of learning and confidence as a result. At Tilden, we meet each student where they are, acknowledge what they've experienced, but also find out their strengths and what they love to do. We then use a strengths-based approach to teaching and learning. In doing so, we build an individualized college preparatory program that supports school engagement, high school graduation, the college transition, and life in general!  For students that need extra support, we have a learning specialist onsite that works with students, teachers, and families to support each student's educational plan. Moreover, we have ample and rich partnerships with educational and youth organizations that support neurodiverse students for resource and referral purposes if needed.

Let's not forget the social aspect of High School! While at Tilden students have ample opportunities to socialize with peers like any other small private high school. Social activities and events are offered throughout the year and are often student-led and driven.

Middle School

Tilden’s unique Middle School experience provides students with a small school environment with individualized instruction and social-emotional support to meet the needs of all students during a critical time in their academic and social-emotional development.  The middle school years can be challenging for some students who need an alternate school environment that a traditional private or public school can offer. Tilden offers this! Many of our students come to Tilden with specific learning differences, difficulties with past school placements, and twice-exceptionality. Our students need to go at their own pace and we provide the platform to do so with our one-on-one approach, a learning specialist onsite to assist neurodiverse students, and rich opportunities to engage with peers.

Academic Integrity

At Tilden, students learn the skills and content in their courses that will maximize their success when they return to their high school or graduate from Tilden and go on to college. When we follow up with full-time Tilden students after leaving Tilden, we find that they maintain an 80% or higher average in their current educational setting. This is because they have learned the skills to persevere in their courses, ask for help when needed, and feel a sense of pride that comes with being able to master challenges successfully.

“After two years at Tilden, our son is graduating with the knowledge that he is capable, intelligent, and has learned how to learn in a way that works for him. He's excited to attend college next year with renewed confidence.”
Tilden Parent