Our student body encompasses a diverse range of academic, social, ethnic and cultural backgrounds, and students attend Tilden Preparatory School for equally diverse purposes.

The students who attend Tilden include:

  • Students who hope to attend college, but cannot achieve the necessary grades they need in one or more subjects when taught in a classroom environment.
  • Students with learning differences who can benefit from an individualized education tailored to their learning style preference.
  • Gifted students who need an accelerated pace and/or higher level of material than is offered at their grade level.
  • Twice exceptional students who need a combination of advanced material presented with attention to their learning differences.
  • Students who need a shorter day due to attention or medical challenges.
  • Students who are pursuing arts and/or athletics and need to tailor their academic program to accommodate their extracurricular pursuits.
  • Students who would like to accelerate their schooling to either graduate early, or to make up for a slower pace in the prior years of secondary schooling.
  • Students who need to move at a slower pace in specific subjects that present a bigger challenge.
  • Students who have a medical condition and/or emotional concerns (such as anxiety or depression) that have interfered with their ability to progress through middle/high school in a timely manner.
  • Students with executive functioning challenges who benefit from help with planning, organization, note taking and study strategies to maximize their success and engagement in school.
  • Students who would like to take additional courses not offered at their school to increase their likelihood of acceptance at the college of their choice.
  • Homeschooled students who want to take one or more courses in a school setting.

Academic Integrity Policy

At Tilden Prep, students have the opportunity to learn how and at what pace they learn best in order to succeed in their classes. Cheating of any kind interferes with this process and so we strongly encourage and support students to have academic integrity in all that they do at school.

You are acting with academic integrity when you:

  • Take full credit for your work and give full credit to others who have helped you or whose work you have incorporated into your own.
  • Represent your own work honestly and accurately.
  • Do your own homework, essays and projects. Use your own words, rather than taking them directly from another source, and provide accurate source documentation for essays and research projects.
  • Avoid using aids such as cell phones, cheat sheets, Spark Notes, etc. unless you have permission to do so.
  • Avoid sharing answers on tests.
  • Do not submit the same work for more than one class unless you have permission from your teacher to do so.
  • Let your teacher or the Head of School know when another student is not acting with academic integrity.


If a teacher or administrator believes a student is not acting with academic integrity, this will be discussed with the student and parent(s). Because we are a mastery learning program, there will be no grade deduction, but there will be consequences. These will be determined based upon the circumstances and may include any or all of the following:

  • Discarding the entire work in which plagiarized work is discovered.
  • Requiring the student to do additional work beyond redoing the current assignment.
  • Requiring the student to take tests or complete other work such as essays and lab reports in his/her class(es).

We reserve the option to choose additional consequences, if needed, to address the issue.

“After two years at Tilden, our son is graduating with the knowledge that he is capable, intelligent, and has learned how to learn in a way that works for him. He's excited to attend college next year with renewed confidence.”
Tilden Parent