Middle School Summer Classes

We are one of the few area schools that offer all our academic courses during the summer (pending instructor availability). Summer is a great opportunity for students to accelerate their learning, add a course that is not available at their school, repeat a course for grade remediation, or lighten their load for the upcoming school year. Please call us for further information about summer scheduling.

It is always the best policy to have open communication with your school counselor before taking any courses outside of your regular, full-time school.

Group Classes

Though our instruction is primarily one-to-one, we offer parents the option of coordinating small group classes of 2-3 students per group. Please feel free to call either campus for more information about these options.

“I highly recommend Tilden... Our son completed his AP Chemistry class there during the summer - a very challenging course - and had a great experience. He is now finishing his senior year and has been accepted to the four colleges he has applied to”

Tilden Parent

To report a cancellation, please contact your campus' administration at the following address: