High School Full Time Program

High School students who enroll full-time at Tilden Preparatory School have the advantage of individualizing all of their academic courses.

One-to-one teaching of academic courses offers complete flexibility to accommodate different paces of learning and different learning styles.

Students who learn more easily when taking fewer courses at one time have the option to do this and can still complete the necessary requirements within a given year. Students who want a rigorous academic experience can opt to take AP courses in each subject area, while students who prefer to devote more of their time to non-academic pursuits can take required courses for high school graduation at their own pace.

To balance the need for group experience, we offer small group classes, group labs, and low-fee group elective classes that accommodate a range of capabilities (such as P.E., Art, and Film). Our approach allows us to tap into students' internal motivation, -- we explore students' passions and use every opportunity to engage them through what they do best.

“I can’t thank you enough for everything that you have done for Toby. You gave him the softest of landings at Tilden, and I know that means a lot to him. It was definitely a relief for me and Lysa to know that the school always had his back, no matter what.”
Michael Bazeley, Tilden Parent