Middle School Part-Time Program

Our part-time program is for middle school students (Grades 6-8) who want or need to take a specific class or two at Tilden Middle School for elective purposes or core academic requirements.

As with our full-time middle school students, the one-to-one classes and Mastery Learning model give part-time students an opportunity to learn how they learn best, experience success while building study skills, and gain in confidence for handling new challenges in their classes.  These new-found skills and self-confidence positively impact their learning in all areas of coursework at their current middle school or home classes, and in nonacademic areas of life as well.

Our middle school part-time program is a good option for middle schools that are currently being home schooled that would like to also have a school community and benefit from 1:1 instruction, lab courses, and middle school group classes for enrichment.

“I really believe Tilden made a huge positive difference in my son's life....including the family. When we came to the school, we were under a lot of stress, the last year has given us our lives back. Thank you."”

Tilden Parent