Tilden Prep Tuition and Fees: A Personalized College Prep Education

At Tilden Preparatory School, tuition is customized to meet the individual academic needs of each high school and middle school student.  Our curriculum consists of over 150 UC-approved courses, including 34 AP courses and 27 Honors courses.
To learn more about our tuition and program options, please schedule a consultation call with the Head of School at your preferred campus.  We welcome your request for an individual consultation to tell us about your student.  An outcome of the consultation will be a tailored tuition estimate, and we can also help you determine if Tilden is a good fit for your student and your family.  
While each student has different needs for one-to-one and small-group courses, the usual cost for semester courses is:
    • $3,450 per semester-long courses
* This pricing is approximate and reflects our estimate of 30 instructional hours per semester-long course for most courses.
Possible exceptions to this are:
  • Students who have partial credit for courses taken elsewhere may have reduced tuition.
  • Motivated students can complete our courses in as few as half the usual hours/tuition.
  • Small group courses have reduced tuition.
  • Some courses such as lab courses, high-level math courses, Honors and AP courses have added hours/tuition.
We look forward to talking with you about your student's needs in order to provide a more accurate tuition estimate.

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“My son is thriving at Tilden Preparatory School, which should be on your short list. Some kids simply need one-on-one instruction to learn, and Tilden has the process to successfully do this. Unlike some of the ASD-specific schools, Tilden has the academic curriculum both for the students who are struggling or are looking for something far more challenging than public schools.”
Tilden Parent