Progress Reporting System

At Tilden Preparatory School we utilize an online progress reporting system for all students. This allows parents and students to see an online calendar of the student's classes, and progress reports posted after each class from each teacher, with information about the student's homework assignments, weekly pacing updates, and progress thus far. In this way, progress can be closely tracked, and any problems can be resolved quickly to ensure steady and positive progress in all classes. We also provide an updated transcript and course summary, so parents and students can easily track what courses have been completed and what requirements are still to be met.

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“As a parent, I really enjoyed the electronic reporting system - each day I got a little three-sentence writeup of how each day's classes had gone. If she had two classes and a study hall, I'd get a writeup from each class and a writeup from the study hall. It also really lessened the burden on me, because I knew I'd get a phone call or an email from a teacher if something really was up.”
Tilden Parent