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Welcome to Tilden Prep's High School Test Prep Programs – Your Pathway to Test Success and College Opportunities.

Elevate Your Test Performance:

At Tilden Prep, we recognize the importance of standardized tests in shaping your college journey. Our comprehensive high school test prep programs encompass SAT, ACT, and AP exam preparation, arming you with the skills and strategies needed to excel.

Personalized Guidance for Excellence:

Our experienced tutors craft a tailored approach to enhance your strengths and address areas for improvement. From mastering mathematical concepts to refining reading comprehension, our personalized guidance maximizes your potential.

Boost Your College Prospects:

A higher test score can make a significant impact on your college prospects. Tilden Prep's high school test prep not only boosts your scores but also amplifies your chances of admission to prestigious colleges and universities.

Proven Success, Individualized Approach:

Experience the Tilden difference with our proven track record of test score improvement. Our high school test prep programs blend expert instruction with individualized attention, ensuring you're fully equipped for test day.

Embark on Your Test Prep Journey:

Discover the array of high school test prep programs offered by Tilden Prep. Elevate your performance, amplify your college prospects, and unlock a world of academic opportunities.

“The Tilden teachers were all quite qualified to work with my kid. I'm one of those hopelessly overeducated parents (engineering PhD from Berkeley) and I never had any reason to question a Tilden teacher's qualification.”
Tilden Parent